A few words about us

Lucky Dog Racing League was born out of the desire to offer competitive yet safe, fun yet affordable, wheel-to-wheel racing without the usual barriers to entry…complex rules and the need to have a trust fund.

Founded by passionate racers Cathy McCause Fuss “Racey Diva #65” and Greg Fuss “The Fussinator #69,” Lucky Dog’s mission is to bring racing “to the people.” The most rewarding part of this adventure is putting a new driver behind the wheel for the first time  – regardless of age or level – for a truly life-changing experience.  And yes, it's true... they're recently married after a 16 year engagement because they kept spending all their money on race cars instead of a ceremony (the test drive was over!).  We must also report 'his and hers' race cars were present for the festivities, including an altar made out of Les Schwab tires!

Cathy-WeddingGetting their start as dirt/circle track drivers (don’t worry, they finally discovered what asphalt is really for), the Fuss Family is living proof that just about anyone can fulfill their dream to race. Just a decade ago at age 42, Cathy got behind of the wheel of a race car for the very first time (that’s another story over beers sometime and despite Greg’s recollection, she didn’t wreck three cars her first season). And at age 15, their kids each took up racing (yes, the chess club would have been cheaper). To say they are a “race family, is an understatement!

After 20+ years in high-tech, Cathy stepped away from a real job to pursue something, anything in motorsports. Her journey started with the development of a women’s luxury motorsports apparel line, Racey Diva – Tiffany at the Track, sold at NASCAR® and SPEED® Channel events. By pure happenstance, Cathy also became the marketing director of Altamont Motorsports Park (San Francisco Bay Area’s only NASCAR short-track at the time), where she was introduced to $500 car racing and participated in the 24 Hours of Lemons series.

For six years prior to founding Lucky Dog Racing League, Cathy most served as executive vice president and West region director for North America’s largest road course endurance racing group, ChampCar World Series. Racing at premiere tracks Coast to Coast and in Canada & Mexico, and having managed and promoted racing events in as many places, Cathy and Greg are devoted to delivering a safe series that is beyond easy to work and promotes of sense of community & family.

Regardless of win or lose, any day spent at the race track makes us all Lucky Dogs!

P.S. In the true spirit of the ruthlessly competitive Fuss Family, Cathy and Greg are still discussing who is the Top Dog.