August 2019 Laguna Seca Registration

August 28-29, 2019 "DOUBLE DAWG DARE" Laguna Seca Registration Instructions

Pit Lane Assignments & Map (as of 8/24/2019)
Garage Rental Assignments (as of 8/24/2019)
Event Info & Schedule (As of 8/24/2019)

The rumors are true...1) We are returning to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for a 2nd 2019 event, 2) our January 2019 event literally sold out in seconds, and 3) this track has relentlessly strict 90 dB sound restrictions, click here to learn more about the track's sound policy. Please note this is a Weds/Thurs event just prior to the Labor Day holiday weekend.

YEP, THIS EVENT SOLD OUT IN SECONDS...AGAIN! CLICK HERE to view the Confirmed/Waitlisted Team & Garage Rental List as of 8/3/2019. See further instructions for both Confirmed & Waitlisted teams below.


  1. The Raceday registration system does not have an entry cut-off feature nor automatic waitlist functionality...this is a manual process on our end to close registration & to open the waitlist, so bear with us.
  2. Registration will be turned on at 12:00pm PST on Friday, February 1, 2019. Last time so many teams were hitting the system, we couldn't get into Raceday ourselves until 12:02pm when 71 teams all registered at the same time.
  3. The event is limited 45 entries by the County of Monterey, who owns the track. The first 45 teams to enter will receive these spaces; all others will be placed on the waitlist, regardless of what your Raceday receipt says, see more below.
  4. For the January event, 71 teams registered for these 45 spots at the same minute. We expect this will happen again. Within 24 hours of registering, CONFIRMED and WAITLISTED teams will be contacted with their team entry disposition. If you are waitlisted, you may choose to remain on the waitlist, transfer your entry monies to another event or receive a refund. See add'l guidance below for CONFIRMED and WAITLISTED teams next steps.


As discussed above, the Raceday online registration does not have an automatic waitlist feature. Once sold out, we will manually update the Race Event Name to let folks know that we were in SOLD OUT/WAITLIST STATUS. Thus your receipt may or may not be titled **WAITLIST ONLY** DOUBLE DAWG DARE! THE OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION/WAITLIST WILL BE POSTED & UPDATED HERE ON THIS PAGE. Any doubt or questions, email us at


  • Continue to register your drivers taking advantage of the $500 Early Dawg Discount through July 28, 2019 (regular driver fee then goes to $550)
  • Teams must have their entire minimum entry fee of $2000 paid no later than August 1, 2019 or RISK LOSING YOUR ENTRY
  • If you require a rental transponder ($50) and did not specify this during online registration, contact us ASAP at no later than August 16, 2019. We rent these units from a 3rd party on the East Coast and we won't have extras at the track if you forgot to bring yours or secure a rental.
  • Be sure to RSVP for Saturday night's FREE dinner; we feed your entire posse...drivers, crew, family, guests & fan club. Email your headcount to no later than August 16, 2019 or your team will be starving dawgs.
    - As a marquee event, teams who cancel after August 1, 2019 will not receive a refund unless we are able to fill your spot with a waitlisted team.
    - Teams who cancel before August 1, 2019 will be entitled to a refund or rollover of entry monies to a future event, space permitting (excluding future Laguna Seca events TBD)
    - Confirmed teams may not transfer their entry to another team as we need to maintain the integrity & fairness of the waitlist process
    - There will NOT be entry roll-overs to any 2020 Laguna Seca Lucky Dog events TBD.


  • We promise to know notify you the minute your team clears the waitlist; and we'll routinely update the waitlist status here on the website
  • As a waitlisted team there is no need to register the remainder of your drivers until you are confirmed. Once confirmed, your drivers can still take advantage of the Early Dog Discounted rate if you contact us at in advance for a Raceday discount code to be used during online registration (no retroactive credits).
  • At any time if you wish to be removed from the waitlist; simply email us at for a full refund.
  • Waitlisted teams who do not clear the list will not be automatically rolled over to 2020 Laguna Seca events TBD (yes, this has been abused in the past by very clever dawgs). You can choose a refund or to apply your entry monies to another future event, space permitting (excluding future Laguna Seca events).