Getting started is easier than you think!


Gather your posse. Find two or more friends that are
willing to wrench on the car during their spare time and
aren't too attached to their wallets.


Review the rules. Download the series rules for review,
taking copious notes. We recommend a copy for each team
member… in this case, there is safety in numbers.


Find a car. Scour your local Craigslist & auto classifieds
for the ideal, stock, running production car that is at least a 2006 or older model.
Can’t find a 2006 or older car? We offer a Super Dawg Class (SD) for really cheaty mobiles.


Safety equipment & gear. Secure a roll cage (best left to
fabrication professionals; suggestions for local vendors can
be found on the Sponsors page ) and round up your safety
gear & equipment, such as belts, seat, fire suppression system,
head & neck restraint device, fire suit, gloves, Nomex underwear & socks, etc. (all covered under Driver Safety in the Rules).


Choose a team name & captain. Naming is best part of the
adventure! You’ll also want to draw straws and determine
who will serve as your team captain (i.e., the adult supervision)
tasked with keeping your team organized and other team business to keep you on track!


Select your car number. Gotta lucky number? Select 3
choices and contact us at to be
assigned a permanent number. Can be up to 3 digits.


Seek sponsors. Convince your friends, family & co-workers
that a motorsports sponsorship may be a once-in-a-lifetime
investment. Promote your sponsors on your Driver Profile.


Get your calendar & checkbook. Determine your race
schedule & team budget and get registered for your desired
events at least 30-days prior to the race for entry discounts.
While you can register for events up until race day, we don't
recommend those late fees for a new set of tires!


Review the rules...again. Now with your newly acquired
race car savviness, the team should take another pass at the
rules and complete your Tech & Safety Checklist forms.


Your safety net. Still not quite sure about all of this low
cost endurance racing? No worries…become part of the Lucky
Dog community & commiserate with other teams via Forums,
social media, or by volunteering at an event first.
And don’t hesitate…ever…to contact us here at Lucky Dog HQ!

It's OK to be a newbie

That’s what Lucky Dog Racing League is all about! We’re here to help direct you, answer questions, and put you in
contact with series partners & sponsors, service providers & fellow lucky dogs. Here are a few additional tools to add to your
bag when hours of playing Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto just aren’t enough. Hey, we’re not passing judgement…
We’re here to cheer you on!


Newbie Handouts & Safety Video. While reading about how to race in itself won’t make you an expert racer, it is a great place to start. Download this valuable information regarding safety, fueling, etiquette, flags, etc.
Racing Flags Handout
Pit Lane/Fueling Cheatsheet
Lucky Dog Fueling & Safety Video
Randy Pobst's "Vortex of Danger" discussion and the #1 way to avoid contact on track, CLICK HERE. Courtesy of Dion von Moltke.


Newbie Course. Attend a free, fun & engaging 60-minute novice course, offered at most Lucky Dog events during onsite registration prior to each race. Also serves as a great refresher for those that might be a just a little bit rusty. Please note; event held when COVID-permitting.


Practice at a track day. Check with your local speedways as many offer very affordable track days or HPDEs (High-Performance Driving Events), often with the option of having an instructor. No, we don’t encourage you ripping through your neighborhood or the local mall parking lot.